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Patent Update Makes 8

“I am very proud of our team, and this extended run of patent success is proof of how forward-thinking we are as a company,” said Cognitive CEO, Mac Dougherty in reference to the recent granting of patents 6, 7,  and

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Patent Streak To Five

Cognitive’s streak (virtual knock-knock) of successful patent filings continued with the issuance of the company’s fifth US issued patent. Number 8,713,335 B2 was granted and continues the firm’s groundbreaking push into accelerating Big Data-style search. CEO Mac Dougherty notes that

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Four, and more (patents)

Cognitive Electronics, the market standard enabler of enterprise-class Hadoop performance, was notified that patent number 8,588,555 was granted by the USPTO. The firm now counts four United States issued patents. This continues the firm’s construction of a strong intellectual property

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Third Patent Awarded

Cognitive is pleased to announce the granting of a third patent, number US 8,516,280. Mac Dougherty, CEO, describes this patent as, “an important addition to our IP portfolio. Our Smart Memory architecture continues to push the boundary of performance for Big

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More Patents Awarded!

Cognitive Electronics is pleased to announce that patent number 8,209,597 issued in the United States, and patents have also issued in France, Germany and Singapore. “The extension of our patent portfolio protects the revolutionary Cognitive Electronics Smart Memory in more

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Patent Awarded!

Cognitive Electronics is pleased to announce that its first patent has been issued by the United States Patent and Trademark office. Patent number 8,200,992 was issued on June 12, 2012 in the United States, and is pending in other countries.

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High Velocity Data

Big Data isn't just big, it's fast. To grasp opportunities using it, you need to be prepared to respond in real time. Cognitive's Smart Memory is designed to help you do just that. Email our solutions team to learn more.