Four, and more (patents)

Cognitive Electronics, the market standard enabler of enterprise-class Hadoop performance, was notified that patent number 8,588,555 was granted by the USPTO. The firm now counts four United States issued patents. This continues the firm’s construction of a strong intellectual property portfolio and further validates the differentiated position for Smart Memory in the Big Data marketplace.

The firm has also received notice of allowance for a patent in China around its core patent. CEO, Mac Dougherty, notes, “Although the patent process can be daunting overseas, Cognitive felt it was important to secure its standing in key international jurisdictions.” This compliments patents also granted in Germany, UK, France, the EU and Singapore.

Cognitive Electronics also has a healthy pipeline of patents pending in the U.S. and abroad. The firm continues to expand its research into future areas of technology and expects to keep a robust patent portfolio in the coming years.

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