Air Force Contract Won

The United States Air Force has awarded Cognitive Electronics a Phase I SBIR contract to perform analysis of video data gathered on an arial UAV platform. In partnership with Dragonfly Pictures, a leader in unmanned helicopter design and construction, Cognitive will demonstrate the capability to analyze video data in real time. Cognitive’s CEO, Mac Dougherty, points to this award as a logical extension of the Smart Memory architecture, “Just like in Big Data, the trend in sensor platforms is to move computing horsepower closer to the origin of data. Our Smart Memory hardware will bring unprecedented analytical capability onboard, reducing the time from data to decision. And we can do all that within space, weight, and power constraints.”

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High Velocity Data

Big Data isn't just big, it's fast. To grasp opportunities using it, you need to be prepared to respond in real time. Cognitive's Smart Memory is designed to help you do just that. Email our solutions team to learn more.