More Patents Awarded!

Cognitive Electronics is pleased to announce that patent number 8,209,597 issued in the United States, and patents have also issued in France, Germany and Singapore. “The extension of our patent portfolio protects the revolutionary Cognitive Electronics Smart Memory in more countries and in more ways.” said Mac Dougherty, CEO, Cognitive Electronics. “Cognitive Smart Memory will impact computing across the globe everywhere that real time data needs to be analyzed in real time.”

In addition to these patents, Cognitive Electronics has a number of additional patents pending in the U.S. and abroad, covering various aspects of its technology. Even at this early stage of its existence, Cognitive Electronics is continuing research into future areas of patentable technology and expects to continue to build out a robust patent portfolio in the coming years.

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High Velocity Data

Big Data isn't just big, it's fast. To grasp opportunities using it, you need to be prepared to respond in real time. Cognitive's Smart Memory is designed to help you do just that. Email our solutions team to learn more.