Next Gen Big Data

Cognitive runs Big Data analytics 100x faster. Our next generation “Smart Memory” technology accelerates applications like MapReduce, Spark, and Graph Search without requiring code changes of the user. In fact, Smart Memory unlocks existing batch code to run, unchanged, on streams of data as well. With applications in IT security, oil & gas, media, healthcare, defense, and financial services, Cognitive allows customers to interact with business-critical data in real time.

The inspiration for the technology was research into visual processing algorithms used by the human brain. The initial goal was to create robots that could “see.” Our founders designed award-winning software that could effectively replicate the vision algorithms used in the human brain. However, no existing computer hardware could adequately keep pace with the stream of data from the robot’s cameras. Cognitive has tackled this challenge. Smart Memory both keeps pace with the stream of real time data (whether video, text or other) and runs today’s Big Data software.


High Velocity Data

Big Data isn't just big, it's fast. To grasp opportunities using it, you need to be prepared to respond in real time. Cognitive's Smart Memory is designed to help you do just that. Email our solutions team to learn more.